The Breakin' scene in the DC-MD-VA area (DMV) is made up of many different dance crews, the 4 most influential of which being Lab Ratz, Natural Elements Crew, Arrive to Defy and the Deadly Venoms Crew. The Lab DC offers a comprehensive perspective on Breakin' as each of our teachers comes from one of these crews - a unique offer among dance studios in the region. Each of these crews have individual histories and strengths that bring a wealth of knowledge to The Lab DC.
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Alex Benitez
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Brandon "Amp" Beauchamp is a member of Arrive to Defy and a native to Florida. He is a seasoned dancer and instructor currently teaching our after school programs.
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Bella Hinrich
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Daquan Williams
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Erika Castillo
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​Julie "JuJu" Stoessel, won her first battle at Circle/JMU in 2014. She has previously taught breakin' at the University of Virginia and has been with the Lab since its creation. She is also a violinist and beat-maker and teaches orchestra at the Washington Waldorf School.
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Kevin "Dolphin Roc" Chau,
currently teaches our after school programs and special events.
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Duane "LazyRockz" Sy, is a member of the legendary "Natural Elements Crew" since 1998. In 2014 he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Radford University. He now dedicates himself to progressing the culture through teaching the techniques, history and philosophies of Breakin'.
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Antonio "Tazk" Castillo, has been dancing since 1997. He is the co-founder of legendary dance crew "Lab Ratz" and the founder of The Lab DC Breakin' School. His passion for dancing is contagious and his teaching methods are creative and fun.
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